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Adina Oosterwijk

Adina Oosterwijk has been a Community Greening Officer since 2021 where she supports gardens and communities across the Sydney region.

Adina comes from generations of women who grow food and flowers and foster deep connections to nature. With a background in Family Sciences and Child Development, she has applied her qualifications in permaculture and horticulture to working in environmental education and community engagement.

From designing and delivering joyful and sustainable garden education in Montessori environments, coordinating and delivering community and education programs at an innovative urban farm on former bowls green, working in horticulture and education at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, and programming and delivering Seedlings Nature School at The Australian Botanic Garden, she has never had a job she didn’t love. The community of skilled, passionate, and curious people who love plants and soil are a constant inspiration.

With a strong belief in kindness, hope, and community and, it is no surprise that Adina thrives helping different cultural groups uncover hidden plant gems from their home countries that can be grown here in Sydney. These small moments of joy prosper into the greater love of providing all the necessary horticulture support and community building in her role.