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Anthony Bashall

Senior Horticulturist
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Anthony Bashall is a Senior Horticulturist of open spaces and natural areas turf. He specialises in turf grasses and irrigation for the Royal Botanic Garden and has worked here for 12 years. 

Where did you start your career in horticulture? Was it with an apprenticeship with the Gardens? 

I started my apprenticeship at Beverly Hills Bowling Club, where I did three years of my apprenticeship, then finished my last year at New South Wales Golf Club.

What is your favourite plant or plant group and why? 

My favourite plant is the Dactloctenium australe (Durban grass). I believe it's one of the most underrated and underpromoted grasses in the industry; it grows well in deep shade or full sun. The plant can smother out other weeds, is very drought tolerant and can be cut at 20mm or up to 75mm and still look good.  

Why Horticulture? Have you always been into plants, or was there a moment when they grabbed you? 

I have always had an interest in horticulture when growing up. I studied Horticultural operations at TAFE when I finished school and discovered that I really enjoyed the turf and landscaping aspects of the course. 

What is your favourite thing about working at the Garden? 

My favourite thing about working at the Garden is all the different turf surfaces that I get to work with. From fine cut formal lawns used for weddings and other formal activity, sporting fields used for soccer and other sports, maintaining lawns through festivals in the domain, turf plots and other turf areas.

What is your most memorable moment at work? 

There isn't one most memorable moment for me. I have enjoyed working with some of the most passionate people in the industry here.