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Ibrahim El Saliby

Senior Horticulturist
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Ibrahim El Saliby is the Senior Horticulturist he's worked at the Gardens for 8 years. He specialises in plant propagation, production and protected cultivation. 

Why Horticulture? Have you always been into plants or was there a moment when they grabbed you? I studied Agriculture engineering for my bachelor studies and I always had interest in plants and their importance in maintaining the livelihood and life of humans. 

What is your favourite plant or plant group and why? My favourite plant is Cedars/Conifers, Evergreen and grow at high altitudes. 

Where did you start your career in horticulture? Was it with an apprenticeship with Gardens?  
I started my career at the American University of Beirut. 

What do you like to do outside of work? Any activities or hobbies? My hobbies include exploring new places, Basketball, jogging, reading and writing articles.