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Jarryd Kelly

Natural Areas and Open Spaces
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Jarryd is a Senior Horticulturist at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan undertaking turf, grassland and natural areas management.

Jarryd is a specialist in Turfgrass, a variety of grasses with unique characteristics such as fine leaf, low growing, and the abilitity to tolerate high traffic areas and low mowing heights.

The agronomy involved in managing these grasses is something Jarryd has always enjoyed and the result of finely manicured lawns still excites him.

His interest in grasses also stems to the whole Poaceae family. Grasses are versatile and have many uses from turf to habitat. Grasses are also the most economically important plant family as they provide foods such as cereal crops as well as forage and building materials. 

See some of Jarryd's work below:

Turf at Sundial Lawn. 
Turf at Pavilion Lawn.