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Kayte Wilkie

Senior Horticulturist

In 2003, Kayte started her career in horticulture as a fresh-faced apprentice and worked alongside many experts who helped her become the well-rounded horticulturist that she is today. 

After successfully completing a 4-year apprenticeship, she decided to expand her experience and started her own garden maintenance business and focused on furthering her studies. She now holds certificates in Parks and Gardens Landscape Construction as well a diploma in Landscape Design. 

Kayte is now a Senior Horticulturist at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and considers herself to be one of the lucky ones who have always known what she wanted to be. She has worked at the Garden for over 17 years and in that time she became a mother of two beautiful children.

You can see Kayte's hard work and expertise across the Garden including;  

  • The Meadow display installing a wild garden,
  • Topiary displays including the Koala,
  • the Succulent Garden where she learnt and challenged herself about a new plant collection,
  • The Spring Walk implementing the annual spring bulb display,
  • Lion Gate Lodge where she finessed her style in a high profile curated garden,
  • the Sydney Nursery and Glasshouses where she learnt the requirements needed to maintain tropical plants,
  • and Government House where she learnt what it takes to maintain a Victorian style garden.