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Randy Sing

Horticultural Supervisor
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Randy Sing has worked at the Sydney Gardens for 30 years on the 9 July this year. He started as a horticulturist in Government House Grounds, gained the position of Senior Horticulturist, then moved into the Gardens in the SH role in the Bennelong Precinct in 1998, and worked in that role until he gained the Supervisors role in the Nursery in 2000. 

What is your favourite plant or plant group and why? I have a passion for all plants, as they all have something I find interesting and special. 

Why Horticulture? Have you always been into plants or was there a moment when they grabbed you? I absolutely enjoy being outdoors.  

What is your most memorable moment working for the Gardens?  There are too many to mention, but one of the most memorable is the F & F scholarship to Gardens by The Bay in Singapore, definitely was an awesome experience. 

What do you like to do outside of work? Any activities or hobbies? I love to travel, cook and watch movies.