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Valeriu Razvan Pintilie

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Valeriu Razvan Pintilie maintains and curates the Orchids collection in The Sydney Nursery. He facilitate all incoming and outgoing plant material for the Sydney Gardens and the Domain. He specialises in the maintenance and development of the orchid collection and associated plant records growing in controlled environments.

Where did you start your career in horticulture? Was it with an apprenticeship with the Gardens? I begun my career completing the International Horticulture Exchange Program in the UK.

How long have you been with the organisation? What sites/areas have you worked at?
I started in 2015 in the Commercial service Team under Randy Sing supervision (maintaining gardens for Sydney Opera House, National Art Gallery, Australian Museum), Sydney Living Museums in the same organisation Office of Environment and Heritage (maintaining heritage gardens for Vaucluse House, Elizabeth Farm, Rouse Hill House and Farm). Then followed the Yurong Precinct (Building garden projects like Southern Africa Garden, Meadow and Oriental Garden). Now at the nursery (Curate Orchids collection and Plant Data Records).

What is your favourite thing about working at the Gardens?
My favourite thing about working is the prestige of this place, the teams and the opportunities.

What is your most memorable moment at work?
The most memorable moment is the Inauguration of Southern Africa Garden and building a display house for Orchids collection.