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Vanessa Fuchs

Senior Media & Content Producer (Science)

Vanessa is a passionate science communicator and produces science media stories and digital content to engage a global audience with the Australian Institute of Botanical Science's research. Vanessa also presents and produces the Garden's award-winning  podcast Branch Out and hosts the new What the Flora!? video series.  

Branch Out podcast

Discover the surprising world of plants with science and stories from the Australian Institute of Botanical Science in the award-winning Branch Out podcast.

Subscribe on your Apple or Android podcast app or head to the Garden's webpage or Spotify to venture into the Australian bush, labs and the minds of passionate people protecting the future of plants.  

Branch Out regularly features guest experts so if you have an idea for the podcast and you would like to collaborate, please email

What the Flora!? video series

From hand pollinating tiny endangered orchids with toothpicks to battling plant diseases with DNA science, What the Flora!? is your chance to see our science in action like never before.  

Blog posts

Check out the selection of science blog posts published in the 'articles' section further below. 

Science media enquiries

If you would like to interview one of the Garden's scientists or request expert information, please email