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Watch, learn, explore!

Watch, learn and explore at home these school holidays with this range of activities to encourage kids to interact with and learn about the world around them.

Deep dive into the programs below and keep your kids engaged with nature these school holidays.

To discover during NAIDOC Week

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Follow the journey of four new seedlings as they learn about who they are and where the best places are for them to live in Get Growing. Then, dive deep into plant adaptations with a range of activities that you can complete at home!

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Bees and Pollinators

Did you know that not all bees make honey and don’t live in hives? Learn from a European Honeybee and an Australian Blue-Banded Bee as they learn about what makes them the same, but also very different! Then, learn more about the role that pollinators like bees play in our environments with a range of activities that you can complete at home.

Follow up activities: Secret Life of Pollinators


Learn the super-important role flying foxes have in the environment as Bruce and Batty explain their super-hero strengths of pollination and seed dispersal, and the role they play in their environments. Then learn about the superpowers of plants through some fun activities

The superpowers of plants!

Explore Nature

Learn how you can explore your natural surroundings using your 5 senses as part of a walk for exercise. Explore the sights and smells of your neighbourhood, learn how to look closely at things with owl eyes or use dingo ears to hear a wide range of sounds in your surrounds.

Don't let lockdown keep you inside, get out there and engage your senses in nature. Everyone needs their daily exercise and you'll have great fun by following along with the three videos we've prepared.