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Our native plant life is under an increasing level of threat.

Climate change, land clearing, introduced pests and diseases - these are all having a devastating impact on too many of our plant species. The loss of a plant has a knock-on effect on other plants, insects, birds, animals and human life.

Yet there is reason for optimism. The team of horticulturalists and scientists at the Botanic Gardens of Sydney are working hard to protect at-risk plant species. This includes bringing many threatened and endangered species back from the brink.

With a tax-deductible gift to Foundation & Friends, you can support the vital work of the Botanic Gardens. No species need ever go extinct.

The Botanic Gardens of Sydney has a comprehensive program that is defending the plants we love. You can support by donating today:

•    $50 could help collect and store the seeds of threatened species at our world leading PlantBank.
•    $100 could help propagate and grow threatened species in the nurseries of our three Gardens.
•    $250 could help re-establish colonies of threatened Australian plants in the wild.
•    $500 could fund research into a plant’s role in the ecosystem, protecting it from pathogens and other threats.

Thank you for your support.

Contact Us
Please email or call us on 02 9231 8182 for more information or to donate offline. 

Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens is the independent charity supporting the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah. Our mission is to grow a strong, supportive community to advocate and raise funds for our Botanic Gardens and their vital work protecting our plants and our future.