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Distillery Botanica: Rather Royal Gin

In partnership with the Garden, Master Distiller Phillip Moore of Distillery Botanica created the limited-edition ‘Rather Royal Gin’ using botanicals grown in the Garden.

The Garden is Australia's oldest living scientific institution, and if through this limited release gin we can help raise awareness of their critical conservation work, then we're honoured to support this project.
Distillery Botanica's Phillip Moore

Proceeds from the Rather Royal Gin went towards the Garden’s conservation programs, which preserve our precious biodiversity through seed collection, seed banking and conservation research and training. Botanicals from some of the Garden’s famous landmarks, such as the Palace Rose Garden and Spring Walk, were chosen to create a rare collection of 1,000 handcrafted bottles of well-balanced gin, which explores the essence of the iconic Sydney destination.

Award-winning Master Distiller Phillip Moore worked with the Garden’s Director of Horticulture, Jimmy Turner, to select the best flora for the gin. Botanicals selected included Pope John Paul roses, mandarin leaf, lemon verbena, horehound, curry leaves, lovage and chamomile. Moore spent months refining the gin using the thousand-year-old enfleurage technique to cold-extract their perfumes, producing a highly-aromatic, drinkable equivalent of a visit to the Garden itself.

Rather Royal Gin was very popular and sold out fast, but you can learn more about the latest gin in the series, Botanic Garden Grown Gin, here.

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