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MetLife partnership

Though in its early stages, our partnership with MetLife Australia has a promising future. As part of its Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), MetLife aims to build understanding, demonstrate respect and promote reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We are working with MetLife to help put these commitments into action to honour our Indigenous communities.

We’re creating value, advancing inclusive behaviour, protecting our shared environment, and ultimately, helping build a confident future for all. We recognise that this requires collaboration with others to create a greater impact. That is why much of what we do is in partnership with other organisations, like the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.
MetLife Australia

MetLife Australia is a leading provider of life insurance—partnering with employers, superannuation funds and financial advisers to help Australians build a confident financial future. MetLife protects more than 1.5 million people, supporting its customers to get back on their feet financially.

Globally, MetLife has been in the business of making and keeping promises for more than 150 years. The organisation seeks to always be there for employees, customers, communities and shareholders, not only through their products and services but by also adopting a sustainability focus.

Sustainability underscores what MetLife does as a business, striving to be a force for good for its stakeholders and the broader society.  Acknowledging that actions speak louder than words, MetLife aims to implement initiatives that will deliver tangible and sustainable benefits for all stakeholders.

A commitment to learning

In the journey towards reconciliation, MetLife is committed to learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and seeks to recognise the history of our nation and these communities. MetLife has partnered with us to join them on the journey and educate their employees through Indigenous cultural training facilitated by our First Nations team.

Greater diversity, reduced inequalities

Through education and advocacy, MetLife aims to deepen its understanding of the diverse communities it serves to build a more inclusive and equitable workplace and society. This includes working with Indigenous recruiting organisations to address the lack of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation within its business. To build on these efforts, MetLife have sought our input on developing its next RAP, to ensure more targeted impact.

Supporting a more resilient environment

MetLife has been carbon neutral since 2016 and continues to build on that work by integrating sustainability best practices across its operations. The organisation also uses its investments to make a positive impact on the social economy through responsible investments, such as green buildings and renewable energy projects, and affordable housing. Our partnership gives MetLife a first look into our sustainability projects, encouraging employees to take ownership of their sustainability impact and volunteer through involvement in green environment activities.

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