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Meadows of memories

Alfred Brunet’s passion for flowers was legendary. A horticulturist from Mount Tomah, his meadows of European daffodils, patchwork hedges and boldly coloured displays were admired from near and far. 

Alfred and Effie Brunet experimented with cultivating cool climate plants for the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. This association, culminated in the bequest of their extensive property which now forms the breathtaking Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah. 

I am delighted that my forebears have been able to make an ongoing contribution in this way

As a child, the Brunets’ niece, Lorna enjoyed many holidays with her aunt and uncle on the property.   Years later, continuing her family’s connection to the Garden, Lorna and her husband, Clive Backhouse were eager to support future generations of the Garden’s custodians.  Provision in their Will established for a scholarship and the furthering of expertise in cool-climate plants. 

The family connection has now spanned three generations with Karen Silvester, Alfred’s great niece, a long-serving horticulturist at the Garden.  Each year a sea of yellow erupts in the glade that was Alfred and Effie’s private garden, now celebrated at the Spring Daffodil Festival. 

The Brunet’s story is a glorious testament of how just one family’s legacy has enriched lives for generations. 

Will you consider joining them and sharing your story for generations to come?

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