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Restore & Renew

Preserving our precious natural habitats

Each day our native wildlife are losing their homes as a result of land development, natural disasters and climate change. 

To date land restoration and rehabilitation efforts have been unable to predict how plants respond and adapt to this changing natural environment. Many regenerated eco-systems are not lasting, and wildlife is not returning costing the community billions of dollars.

But we now have a solution. Restore & Renew, is a transformational science project that will revolutionise the future of land restoration practices across Australia. Our scientists are unlocking the genetic data of our special and unique native plants, using the latest DNA sequencing technology. 

Restore & Renew helps the community choose the right plants for the right places, ensuring all future land regeneration projects survive. Please help ensure the preserve our unique landscapes for future generations to come.


Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens Charitable Fund
Development Manager: 02 9231 8305
Email: foundation.friends@rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au