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As Australia’s oldest scientific institution, our experts have spent more than 200 years helping discover, research and protect our plants. In this challenging new era, we need your support more than ever before to continue our pioneering research, deliver transformational education, and sustain our unique living collections.

Threat of climate change

Climate change is one of the most significant threats to plant biodiversity on a global and local scale. Across Australia, billions of trees, shrubs and other plant life were destroyed in the recent bushfires. Our country is also dealing with years of drought. Based on the consensus of global scientific projections, these events will become more frequent and more intense because of climate change.

Even within our Botanic Gardens the impact of climate change is significant. More than a quarter of the living collection at the Blue Mountain Botanic Garden Mount Tomah was burnt this summer, and over 90% of the surrounding conservation area was also heavily impacted. Drought remains a pressing threat to our Living Collections, and we are in desperate need of sustainable water solutions.

The team of experts at the Botanic Gardens are working on real solutions to help ensure our plant life can withstand a changing climate. Our aim is to prevent the extinction of not only our plants, but the animals which rely on them, including you and me.

Our solutions

Plants are the building blocks of life, and our team of world-class scientists and horticulturists in the Botanic Gardens are working harder than ever to protect our plants and our future.

The newly established Australian Institute of Botanical Science will unite and elevate the vital science undertaken across the Botanic Gardens. Our aim is for the Institute to become one of the nation’s premier botanical research organisations, providing visionary leadership to advance the discovery, understanding and conservation of plants.

At the Australian Institute of Botanical Science, our team of experts are: 

  • taking action to document diversity, build collections and share plant knowledge 

  • assessing the ability of plants to adapt to a changing climate

  • safeguarding at-risk plants to minimise the risk of extinction

  • increasing the likelihood that plants can survive threats to biodiversity including a changing climate

  • building more resilient ecosystems for future generations.

Learn more about how the Gardens' resources in the Australian Institute of Botanical Science are being used to understand and combat climate change below.

Your impact

You can make a difference in the fight to protect our plants and our future. By supporting the scientists and horticulturists in the Botanic Gardens, your gift will help ensure the survival of plants and the life that depends on them.

To sustain our beautiful gardens for the enjoyment of all who hold it dear – Donate today. 
To advance vital science and combat climate change – Donate today. 
To enable our scientists and horticulturists at the Botanic Gardens to protect our plants and our future – Donate today.

The Australian Institute of Botanical Science

Once established, the Australian Institute of Botanical Science will aspire to achieve the Gardens' vision and mission for our innovative plant sciences. 

Our science vision:

Our world-leading research and collections advance fundamental knowledge of plants and drive effective conservation 

Our science mission:

Providing solutions to critical environmental challenges facing the world today

The Institute will consist of both physical and virtual scientific collections, services and facilities at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah and the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan.  

Together, these resources will enable our scientists to better protect our plants and our future through: