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Ann Wilcher

Volunteering since 1998

For me volunteering is an interest and a godsend as in 1998 my daughter left to work in London for many years leaving quite a gap in my life. A previous go at volunteering elsewhere was disappointing so I applied again to the Specimen Mounting program at the National Herbarium of NSW.

I was delighted to meet Alan Leishman who showed me the ropes. I also met a lovely group of friendly people which continues to this day. My botanical knowledge is limited but I do remember some names from my studies of plants in Pharmacy and this has not been a disadvantage in the enjoyment of seeing such a wide range of specimens coming to the Mounting Room every day. 

In later life it is good to find an enjoyable pastime which also serves the community and I wanted to find an activity which wouldn’t bring any concerns or worries at the end of the shift. The Garden is such a well renowned institution and a beautiful place to stroll at lunchtime so it has fulfilled all my expectations and it also keeps my brain active which is of great importance these days. 

I really recommend volunteering at the Garden in whatever capacity you choose to take on and I can assure you it will be a worthwhile enjoyable experience.

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