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Community 'Virtual' Greening Challenge

Let’s stay connected with community in this tough time. Take the challenge to keep spirits high, hands busy and minds creative!

Calling on all Gardeners associated with Community Greening,
and the Junior Gardeners with Youth Community Greening...


It’s time to be creative — imagine a special project and get busy!


Create something at your home, in your garden or surrounds. You could -

Build and make ... Weave and sew ... Grow and harvest
Upcycle and re-use ... Create a recipe ... Redesign a space
Yarn bomb a local tree ...Write a poem ... Get crafty or make art

….in fact, anything creative at all that is linked to a garden!

We’ll be keeping in regular contact with challenge participants,
sharing inspiration for creative activities, and celebrating progress and projects.

There is no limit to the number or type of entries, and currently there is no end date
it will continue until the coronavirus situation eases.

Prizes and certificates will be awarded to participants!


Register now!


Provide these details by email to a Community Greening staff member
to get started:

Name and address
Contact number and email
Preferred way of receiving regular communications: Text, email, social media
Let us know if you use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
Community Greening staff:
Join the Community Greening NSW Facebook Group to stay up to date:

Good Luck with the Virtual Greening Challenge!