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"Virtual" Greening Challenge Entries

We challenged you to keep spirits high, hands busy and minds creative. Here is a selection of the amazing initiatives you have come up with!

Entry by Mission Australia's  Benjamin Short Grove on behalf of those in their care. Video by Elizabeth Docking from photos sent by Mission Australia staff.​   

*this entry is not eligible for prizes


Entries in this category will have any kind of artistic character. We know that everything green is a work of art, but categorizing your entries will give us the opportunity to hand out more prizes to more categories.
So whether its a painting, poem or anything arty, you'll find it here!


Here you will find all entries that have been made in one way or another. Be it by adults, children or even micro-organisms. Examples are composting, up-cycle projects and frog hotels.



This is what we are really all about. Let's make things grow! Here you will find all kinds of Community Greening gardening initiatives from people who like to get their hands dirty!


This is the category for all your tasty garden recipes. Cooking inspiration with herbs and plants that is so good!

Junior Gardener

The category with projects from all our young gardening protege's! If it is sowing or showing you'll find it here, as long as it involves dirty hands!
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Prizes and certificates will be awarded to participants


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