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Building a Family Forest

Family Forest: Let's talk about Family

Who is my Family? What is special about my culture?

In nature there are nursery trees – trees that cover and protect vulnerable saplings until they grow strong and large enough to break through the canopy and stand on their own. Family and community act like nursery trees for young children, providing safe spaces for them to grow and develop. 
Complete this activity to spark conversation before you build your Forest Family in the next activity. 


  • Pencils, crayons and textas
  • Paper


As a family, write answers to the below prompts. Perhaps share a family picture, or draw a 'special people' picture.

Each family is special and unique. Who is in your family? What grown-ups are special to you and help you feel safe and loved? Do you have brothers or sisters? How about grandparents? Special friends? Carers?

What is a food your family eats on special holidays and celebrations?  

Who is someone that is not in your family, but still special to you? e.g. community members