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People, Plants and Places

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Step 1 - Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in our school excursions at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

The submission of this form is a formal request for a booking on the dates and times specified, subject to availability.

If you do not wish to make a booking please send your queries to

Explore the ways that Aboriginal people used plants for food, tools and medicine. Students will love the discovery walk and Australian bush tucker tasting with an Aboriginal Education Officer. 


ESL & International Students


Learning Centre
The Royal Botanic Garden
Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney


2 hours


$15 per student. Minimum charges apply.

Stage 1: Awaken Enthusiasm. Exploring plants for food and the tools used for food collection will develop an understanding of how plants are used by Aboriginal people.

Stage 2: Focus Attention. Experiencing a range of plants will open the senses; see, touch and taste.

Stage 3: Direct Experience. Cadigal garden guided walk and bush tucker making will develop an appreciation of pre-1788 Cadigal land and the plants they used for food and tools.

Stage 4: Share Inspiration. Exchanging special moments and interesting learnt experiences while eating together will develop an appreciation of Aboriginal culture.

Want more? Why not spend a day with us!

Spending a day at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney will help students gain confidence in conversational English and solidfy understanding – all while in the beautiful harbour-side surrounds of Australia's oldest botanic garden. 

Book both People, Plants and Places and Seeds and Survival on the same day and save $5 per student. 

Duration: 4 hours (excluding lunch break)
Cost: $25 per student (minimum charge 25 students or $625)

  • We can accommodate up to 90 students per session.
  • Our programs have a guide to student ratio of 1 : 30. Classes larger than 30 will be split into 30 or less. Please ensure you bring adequate supervision to meet this ratio.
  • The bus drop off and pick up location is at the Woolloomooloo Gate on Mrs Macquaries Road.
  • The meeting point is at the Education Centre, to the right as you enter the Woolloomooloo Gate.
  • Ensure you arrive 30 minutes before your lesson commences to allow time for a snack, a visit to restrooms and to stow away bags. Our educators will meet you outside the Education Centre prior to your program commencement.
  • Our educators will lead your session, but the class teacher is responsible for the care of the students. Adult helpers are welcome to participate as well.
  • The lesson is a focused learning experience. The students will be more engaged if they have participated in some relevant pre-excursion activities.
  • Adult helpers will be an asset if they have roles given to them before the lesson.
  • Teachers and assisting adults are free of charge.
We would like to acknowledge the Cadigal people of the Eora Nation within Sydney and pay our respect to Elders past, present and future.