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How to Plant a Tree!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.

― Chinese proverb


What you need

  • A young plant,
  • Gardening gloves,
  • A garden trowel or spade,
  • A bucket, 
  • Watering can and water 


  • Mulch,
  • A plastic or cardboard tree guard
  • 3 stakes


Select a suitable planting spot that is protected (won’t be trampled by people or balls) and where the ground is not too hard.  

Select a plant. Check the mature size and what conditions it needs: full sun, shade, filtered light, is it drought-tolerant etc? It’s important that you match the right plant to your planting spot. 

Clear the area of weeds and give the ground a little water to make it easier to dig. 

Now you are ready to plant! 

Planting Guide


1. Dig a hole

Dig a hole just deeper than the seedling pot, and twice as wide.  

TIP: Soak the whole plant in its pot in a full bucket of water while you are preparing the hole. 

2. Carefully remove the plant from the pot.

Try squeezing the pot first, then place your fingers round the base of the plant across the surface of the potting mix and tip it up, gently sliding the plant out. Tease out any tangled roots, and cut off damaged ones. 

3. Place plant into the hole

Place the plant and the potting mix clinging to the roots carefully into the hole, so that the soil surface of your plant is not higher than the surrounding soil. 

4. Plant to stand straight

Make sure your plant is standing straight - you might need to rotate it testing the ideal aspect for the shape of the plant. 

5. Backfill with soil

Backfill with soil, and gently press down around the plant to remove any air gaps and cover all the roots.