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Make a Cubby House

Construct your own shelter by following this step-by-step guide

Getting started

  • Three Y-sticks
  • Smaller sticks
  • Optional: Leaves, grasses, anything on the ground

Safety and care

  • Check that your frame is sturdy so it does not collapse. 
  • Once you have made the cubby take some time to enjoy what you have built. 
  • If you have built your cubby in a public place always deconstruct your cubby before your leave. 
  • Always get your cubby materials from the ground, never from a living plant.

Four steps to make your cubby

  1. Lock your two Y-sticks together. 

  2. Interlock the third longer stick (the spine) into the two Y-sticks to make a frame. Check that the frame is safe and will not fall down. 

  3. Enclose the frame with other sticks leaning from the spine to the ground making sure you leave an opening to get into your cubby. 

  4. Weave in or lay over natural materials to enclose the sides like grasses, leafy branches, pinecones. 

Play in and around the cubby - this is the best part!

Girl building with sticks and leaves

Did You Know?

You can build a cubby inside as well as out! Simply use blankets and stuff you can find around the house