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Woodland Treasure Hunt

In this activity, you will use your orienteering skills to guide a scientist towards a chosen treasure in the Cumberland Plain Woodland.
Task Instructions:
  1. Explore!
    Explore the woodland in 360º using the Virtual Woodland Wander and click on the hotspots to find out the plants and animals of the Cumberland Woodland.

    As you explore, choose your favourite feature on the Virtual Woodland Wander. This will be the treasure of your treasure hunt!

    Draw your favourite feature below:


  2. Write!
    Write a set of step-by-step instructions to find your favourite feature. When writing a procedure, we should always start each step with a verb. For each step of instructions, think about:

    • What direction your walker is heading. Are they going straight head? Turning left? Turning right? How much to the left or right are they turning?

    • How many ‘steps’ your walker must take. Remember, each step is one mouse click.

  3. Read!
    When you have finished, read your instructions to a partner and see whether they can find your favourite feature!

  4. Refine!
    Edit your instructions every time your partner gets lost and cannot find your favourite feature.

  5. Reflect!
    Did you successfully guide the scientist? Why or why not? What improvements to your instructions did you have to make, and how many times did you have to improve your instructions until your partner found your favourite feature?

Illustration of a dry Sclerophyl forest