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Features of the Woodland

The Cumberland Plain Woodland has many layers of life!

In this activity, you and your classmates will construct a mural representing the Cumberland Plain Woodland and its unique features.
  1. Explore!
    Explore the woodland in 360º using the Virtual Woodland Wander and click on the hotspots to find out the plants and animals of the Cumberland Woodland.

  2. Draw!
    Draw one feature of the Cumberland Plain Woodland you noticed from your exploration in the space below. This may be a living or nonliving thing.

  3. Write!
    Create a label for your drawing in the first box of the table. In the other rows of the table, list 5 other features of the Cumberland Plain Woodland you noticed on your virtual wander. These may be living or nonliving.

  4. Cut!
    When you have finished your drawing and labels, cut them out and hand them to your teacher.

  5. Construct!
    As a class, compile your drawings and labels to create a large mural of the Cumberland Plain Woodland.

Drawing of my feature:


My labels:

Label for your drawing:                                                                    
Label feature 1:      
Label feature 2:      
Label feature 3:      
Label feature 4:      
Label feature 5:      
Illustration of a dry Sclerophyl forest