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Sculpture at the Gardens

Sculpture is art in 3D. The artwork is often carved in stone, wood or formed in metal or clay. However, sculptures can be made from almost anything. 

A sculpture may just be an art piece, but it can also serve as a reminder or memorial of a past event. An example is the Stolen Generations Memorial at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, which was created by sculptor Badger Bates and opened in 2007 as a place to reflect on the impacts of the forced removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families. 

The outdoor setting of a garden is an ideal place to display works of art such as sculpture. Explore the examples of sculpture at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, and design and make artworks in 3D for your own art show at home or at school.   

Activities - Sculpture at the Gardens

1. Explore the gardens

Explore the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney using Google Streetview and try to find at least three of the statues and sculptures on display there. Start here at the Woolloomooloo GatePlease note: This is suited for Google Chrome

2.  Make a sculpture

Go on a virtual Sculpture Walk of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney to learn more about some of the artworks. Get creative! Choose your favourite sculpture and create your own mini version using materials that you have at home such as LEGO, wood blocks, papier mache or recyclable materials.  

3. Make a sculpture using natural materials

Create a 3D work of art inspired by nature. Use play dough, modelling clay, or glue together garden materials like sticks, leaves, pine cones... You could use this example of an echidna as a guide.

4. Create an outdoor gallery

Gather all the artworks you’ve made in this Garden Art unit. Make an art label card (see activity sheet here) for each one, just like a gallery exhibition. Display your artworks along with their label cards in different spots in your garden or around the school. Then give an art tour to your family or friends, and tell them about each artwork.

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