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Garden Safari - Invertebrates

Gardens are home to thousands of tiny animals that don’t have a backbone. These animals, called invertebrates are extremely diverse in how they look and where they live.

Science and Technology - Stage 1 
  • ST1-4LW-S  A student describes observable features of living things and their environments 
  • ST1-1WS-S  A student observes, questions and collects data to communicate and compare ideas 
  • ST1-2DP-T  A student uses materials, tools and equipment to develop solutions for a need or opportunity 
  • Literacy capability 
  • Numeracy capability 
  • Information and Communication Technology capability 
  • Critical and Creative Thinking capability 
  • Personal and Social capability 
  • Ethical Understanding capability 
  • Intercultural Understanding capability. 
Below are some websites with more information about the four invertebrates discussed in this unit.  

More about Fig wasps 

More about Cicadas and the Great Cicada Blitz 

Lindsay Popple’s Cicadas of Australia website  has lots of detail about cicadas.