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Every flower is a machine designed for reproduction and survival. It can be a challenge to stand out in this gorgeous crowd, but every flower has its own unique charms.

Stage 2: Science and Technology
ST2-4LW-S Compares features and characteristics of living things
ST2-5LW-T Describes how agricultural processes are used to grow plants for food

Stage 3 Science and Technology
ST3-4LW-S Examines how the environment affects the growth, survival and adaptation of living things
ST3-5LW-T Explains how plants are produced sustainably in managed environments

Stage 4
Design and Technology
DT4-4 Describes the work and responsibilities of designers and the factors affecting their work
DT4-5 Describes designed solutions that consider preferred futures, the principles of appropriate technology, and ethical and responsible design

Visual Arts
4.2 Explores the function of and relationships between the artist – artwork – world – audience
4.4 Recognises and uses aspects of the world as a source of ideas, concepts and subject matter in the visual arts

  • Critical and Creative Thinking capability
  • Ethical Enderstanding capability
  • Information and Communication Technology capability
  • Literacy capability
  • Numeracy capability
  • Personal and Social capability
inBLOOM  images were taken by Jessica Lindsey