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How can living things help us?

Do you know where our everyday food comes from?

We eat food every day, but have you thought about where it comes from and how is it made?  

Everything on our plate or in our lunchbox comes from a living thing!  

Learn about some common foods using these flash cards. You can turn the flash card over by clicking on the food.

Much of our food comes from farms where animals and plants are grown for our food and clothing. 

Check out the First Colonial Farm at the Royal Botanic Garden and see what’s growing.  

Wild food

The Australian bush is nature’s supermarket and has been a very important source of food for First Nations people for thousands of years. 

Watch this video to learn about Australian Bush food. Listen carefully to find out three amazing bush foods and how they are used.  


Did you know that sunflowers provide us with food?  

Watch the sunflower seed grow. 

Activities  - How can living things help us? 

1. Fruit and vegetable finder challenge 

Have a look at the The First Colonial Farm in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Use your living things journal to draw a picture of all the fruit and vegetables can you find in this garden. How many can you FIND? 

  • Did you see any non-living things in the garden? What were they and how did you know they weren’t living? 
  • How many living things did you see in the garden? What were they and how did you know they were living? 

2. Investigating sunflowers

Let’s investigate what sunflowers need to grow sunflower seeds. Your Sunflower Plant Journal can be found here. You will need to print it out to start your investigation.

You will also need a sunflower seed, potting mix, a recycled coffee cup or egg carton to plant your seed in and water.

3. Write a list

Make a list of all the food you have eaten today so far. Once you have your list, find out where each of the food comes from.