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Taking care of living things

Let’s learn about how we can help living things!

Living things need each other to survive, they provide each other with food, shelter and water. 

Watch the video to meet Percy the Possum and learn about how trees help other things survive. 

You can see that all living things need each other to survive, but what happens when one living thing takes more than the others?  

People need a lot to survive but how do we make sure we have living things left in the future? Think of it as candy in a jar, if you finish it all in one go there is nothing left for tomorrow. Making sure we have living things in the future is called sustainability. 

Check out what Thomas the Tank Engine and the United Nations have to say about sustainability. 

Watch this video to learn how to plant your own school habitat garden, making sure there is habitat for animals and fresh air for us, into the future! 


Aboriginal people have looked after living things in Australia for thousands of years, only taking what they need and leaving some for tomorrow.  

Watch this video to learn how the bark from the Paperbark tree is used.

Activities - Taking care of living things

1. Design a habitat for Percy Possum

Go outside to the playground and collect leaves, sticks and bark.  ONLY USE NATURAL MATERIALS THAT ARE LYING ON THE GROUND

Choose a spot on the ground and use your natural materials to create a design of a habitat where Percy can survive. Think about keeping him safe from predators and making sure he has food and water. 

Take a photo of your design, print it and put it in your Living Things journal so you can share your idea with everyone! 

2. Poster making

Design a poster that includes three ways that people can help possums and their habitat. 

3. Field work

Select a special tree in your school playground or local area to conduct some field work. You will need to look for evidence that this tree is a habitat for living things. An activity sheet can be found here