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Create your own herbarium

Saffron wants to take some of her old home with her so she presses flowers and creates her own herbarium. She adds new flowers she finds on her adventures so she can show her family once she gets home. She is careful to write down where she found them and other clues about them that might help her family find them if they decide to go exploring, too.

Activity -  Take a tour of the herbarium.

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  • How  is a herbarium like a time travel machine? How is it like a teleporter?
  • Some of the specimens in the herbarium were very, very old. Think about what the world was like 100 years ago, and what it might be like 100 years from now. What sort of plants  would people from the future want to know about?

Activity - Create your own herbarium.

Download and  print your own herbarium booklet- complete the fun activities inside, including pressing flowers, learning flower parts, and using plants to make a collage.

Safety information

  • Please use caution when handling plants as some might have thorns or might cause an allergic reaction. 
  • Collect plants with adult supervision. 
  • Be careful where you are collecting plants from- are you allowed to be there?
  • Do not collect flowers from anyone’s garden without that person’s permission

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