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Welcome to Gondwanaland



Generous funding has been acquired to create a new garden feature: Gondwanaland. The goal is to plant a forest of Wollemi Pines, of around 300 individual trees, and create true to life size dinosaur sculptures so that visitors can be transported back in time. You are the botanist overseeing the planting of the trees. You are tasked with planning how this will be done.  

Background Research


Use your research skills to answer the following questions to help identify the best conditions for growing Wollemi Pines:  

  • Is Phytophthora cinnamomi  bad for the Wollemi Pine? Why?  



  • What is the optimal temperature range for Wollemi Pines to grow?  



  • What is the optimal amount of sunlight for Wollemi Pines to grow successfully?  



  • How does certain fungi help Wollemi Pine?  


Design your garden

On the map below, identify an area to plant 300 Wollemi Pines and place the dinosaurs. Shade these areas in different colours as well as areas that you have identified as cooler areas (24°C - 30°C),  hotter areas (35 degrees +), areas with a lot of shade, areas with lots of sunlight, areas with beneficial fungi and areas with Phytophthora in the soil.

  • 1 grid square = 20 trees 
  • 4 grid squares = 1 dinosaur sculpture 

Add to your map a: 

  • Scale 
  • Title 
  • North point 
  • A legend