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Charcoal Leaf Drawing

Take your craft sessions outdoors


What you need

  • Charcoal
  • Dry leaves
  • ​Paper

  • Hairspray or art shop fixative
  • Hand lens or magnifying glass
  • Gardening gloves

Prepare and observe

  1. Go outside and find an area with leaves on the ground.

  2. Search the area and look at the different types of leaves. Particularly notice their colour, shape, and feel.

  3. Choose your favourite leaf, have a close look using the magnifying glass (or hand lens) if you have one.  Use gloves if the leaves are spiky.

Remember to only take leaves from the ground, living plants still need their parts.


Boy drawing a leaf on with charcoal on a piece of paper



Get creative!


Freehand draw your favourite leaf with the charcoal.


After this you can try using the charcoal in different ways, thin edges, thick lines, smudging and creating tones with your finger or by adding water.  

See if you can add some of the finer detail to your leaf.

Finishing off

Once you have finished your drawing, dry it in the sun if necessary, and spray with the hairspray or art grade fixative. This will prevent the charcoal from smudging.