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Embrace The Wild

Connect to nature and help the environment, whether you've a balcony or backyard, with Embrace the Wild.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is proud to collaborate with the Jane Goodall Institute Australia on Embrace the Wild - cultivating connectedness to the natural world through easy hands on and fun projects that you can do today to inspire hope through action.
Embrace the Wild is a global community conservation program of the Jane Goodall Institute's Roots & Shoots program, that seeks to restore habitats and community connection across the world.  New South Wales the first pilot site for this project internationally, enabling a range of opportunities for youth to connect to nature including this resource and a work experience program.

This Living Learning Unit is designed to provide you with a 'taster' of the full Embrace the Wild resource. It has been designed to guide you through five stages of your Embrace the Wild journey, as you help animals, people and the environment in your local community.

If you’d like to access the full resource workbook you can do so here. 

Stage 4 and Stage 5 Science 
  • SC4-1VA, SC5-1VA A student appreciates the importance of science in their lives and the role of scientific inquiry in increasing understanding of the world around them
  • SC4-2VA, SC5-2VA A student shows a willingness to engage in finding solutions to science-related personal, social and global issues, including shaping sustainable futures
  • SC4-LW5, SC5-LW5 Science and technology contribute to finding solutions to conserving and managing sustainable ecosystems.
  • Literacy 
  • Numeracy 
  • Information and Communication Technology 
  • Critical and Creative Thinking 
  • Personal and Social 
  • Ethical Understanding 
  • Intercultural Understanding  
All images are free to use:  
  • Embrace the Wild Banner: Nature Walk - Abbie Mitchell
  • Investigate: Flower and magnifying glass - Ander Unibaso Villaverde from Pixabay
  • Plan: People and sunset - Cynthia Magana, Unsplash and Frog in Lotus - flickr
  • Take Action: -  Hole cut in tree
  • Monitor: A Sulphur-crested Cockatoo perching on a roof in Sydney, Australia - Wikimedia, Gordon Wrigley
  • Celebrate: Heart hands, Melissa askew, Unsplash and People and campfire, Kimson Doen, Unsplash
  • Be inspired: Green Tree Frog - Ashleigh Miller