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Action 3: Take Action

Build, grow and create a new habitat!

The most important step in Embrace the Wild is choosing to take Action for animals, people and our shared environment. Using your new knowledge about what may be lacking in your project area, it is now time to select some projects!

There are a number of considerations which might impact what project you choose, for example what target species you are aiming to help, size of your project area, the time you require to construct and maintain the project, your level of skill, and the cost of materials.

To help you navigate these factors, a handy chart that sorts projects by target species, skillset, assembly ease and resource requirements has been developed. Download the chart here.

Click on the tiles below to find out how to build a sample of these projects. Download the full book to learn more and join the entire journey.

Watch these videos for some further inspiration.

Activities - Take Action

1. Project development

Explore some of the ways you can connect with nature and make a difference with the above projects. Are any of these useful to assist your local area? Which projects did you try? Make a photo collage of everything your have done.