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Invertebrate Homes

Try making a home for the invertebrates of your area.

Bee Hotel

There are different kinds of bee hotels designed to attract specific species. Most of the 2000 species of bees in Australia are solitary and don't live in hives. This is great to make using off-cuts of wood..

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Bee Bundle

This is a very quick way to set up a home for bees. You can use a mix of bamboo, pithy stems (such as lantana or roses) and curly bark - and secure it with wire.

Bee Rounds

Another easy project to create a home for bees. You will need to collect some trees branches that have fallen off a tree, a saw and a drill with different size bits.

Bee Mudbrick Village

These homes are perfect for the beautiful blue-banded bees. The materials you will need are any recycleable containers, some clay, a bucket and water.

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Banner image of a Blue Banded Bee by Jenny Pattison
All other images by Abbie Mitchell.