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Lizard Lounges

This is an easy project that will quickly increase the habitat value of your yard.

Hiding places are especially important for lizards to survive temperature extremes as being ectothermic, their temperature is regulated by the environment. Over winter months, lizards may hibernate or torpor in sheltered areas, and in summer they may need to shelter from the scorching sun. Lizards need to sun themselves on rocky outcrops that are close to hiding places in case of unexpected predators. Using your creativity and recycled or natural materials, you can design a safe space that lizards and skinks will love to visit! Here is an example.

Try using large rocks, old PVC or terracotta pipes, hollow logs (such as reclaimed from an arborist), bits of bark, old garden pots, timber off cuts, metal pieces and some leaf letter or mulch. But be mindful not to take existing habitat to build a new habitat!

Lizard banner image by Jacob Dedman.
All other images by Abbie Mitchell.