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Action 5: Celebrate!

Reflect, share and celebrate the difference you have made.

Completing an Embrace the Wild project is a huge achievement! Congratulations! In this final Action of the program, it is important to take some time to document your project and celebrate your impact with others. By doing so, you will build your communication skills and maybe even inspire someone to Embrace the Wild too. 

One of the most valuable ways to do this is by spending time in your project area. Notice all of the transformations that have occurred, as even the tiniest of details may have a big impact on living things. Imagine that you are a small animal coming to visit, stopping to rest under a newly planted shrub, or for a drink at a watering station. 

Ask yourself what you did well, or could improve and add, and how wildlife may benefit. Is your project now complete, or will you make some adjustments? What are your plans for ongoing monitoring? 

As you’ve completed the Embrace the Wild journey, have you picked up skills or knowledge, or learnt innovative new ways to apply them? Which aspects of the project did you enjoy the most, and did you learn anything new about yourself along the way? Reflect on the biggest challenges you faced in making your project, and how you overcame them. Take time to be proud of your achievement.

A beach picnic may be a way to celebrate your success. Image: Kimson Doan/Unsplash

‘The cumulative impact of many small decisions, choices and actions makes a big difference.’
Dr Jane Goodall

Activities - Celebrate!

Mobile phone on a stand ready to take an image
Plan your shots before taking. Image: Aaron Burton on Snapstock

Share your success

There are many ways that you can celebrate the success of your project with others. Try one or several of these. 

  • Make a short video or take photos
  • Create a poster or artwork
  • Write an article or blog post
  • Take before and after photos
  • Share citizen science data

Join a community Embrace the Wild logo

Did you know that by completing an Embrace the Wild project, you are now part of a large global network of changemakers restoring habitats in their communities?

Register your project on the Embrace the Wild website and invite your friends, neighbours, local schools and community groups to Embrace the Wild. Together we can make a world of difference!