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Life cycles

Explore the six stages in the lifecycle of a flowering plant.

Life cycles

Life cycle stages of a flowering plant

There are six stages in the lifecycle of a flowering plant:

•    flower
•    fruit
•    seed
•    seedling
•    juvenile
•    adult

Stages can be impacted by environmental conditions such as rainfall and interactions with other species such as pollinators and predation.

Find out about the life cycle stages of a flowering plant

View a variety of adult plants, flowers, fruits and seeds of shrubs in the Shrubs of the Cumberland Plains Woodland photo gallery.

Life cycles activities

Draw a labelled diagram illustrating the life cycle of a Cumberland Plain Woodland flowering plant, including the six life cycle stages. 

Compose an informative text that outlines the significance to the plant of each stage (flower, fruit, seed and adult). Also outline the interactions these stages have with other species. Indicate any features that maximise survival of the species, such as seeds that stick to mammal fur or nectar-rich flowers.

Go outside to a planted or natural area and look for examples of the six life stages of flowering plants. Record the stages through photographs or sketches. Observe evidence of species interactions with the various life cycle stages of the plants, for example, parts of chewed seeds on the ground or bees on flowers. Do any of the life cycle stages of the different species intersect?