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Audio Tour of the Woodland

Create an audio tour for visitors of the
Cumberland Plain Woodland

What you need:

Computer/iPad, phone (or another device to record sound), paper, pen/pencil

1.    Explore!

Explore the woodland in 360º using the Virtual Woodland Wander and click on the hotspots to find out the plants and animals of the Cumberland Woodland. Take note of 5 ‘pit stops’ you would like to discuss in your audio tour. Each pit stop needs to feature something interesting about the Cumberland Plain Woodland. This may be living or non-living.

Pit stop number

Location in the Virtual
Woodland Wander

Why you chose this pit stop

1 map of woodland wanderer  
2 map of woodland wanderer  
3 map of woodland wanderer  
4 map of woodland wanderer  
5 map of woodland wanderer  

2. Prepare!

Conduct research to learn a little bit more about your chosen features and complete the table.


Pit stop

Information & interesting facts about this feature







 3.    Write!

Use your research to write the script for your audio tour. Remember, in your script, you need to guide the visitor where to look or what to listen for, for example, 'Look down, you might notice a trail of ants marching along. They’re the clean-up crew of the woodland', or ‘If you keep walking forward you may see a huge Forest Red Gum!’

You can use this space to write your script?



4.    Record!

Use sound recording equipment (this could be as simple as a phone) to record your audio commentary. Play back your recordings and try to follow along as a visitor using the Virtual Woodland Wander.

5.    Share!

Share your final audio tours with your peers. What features did they include in their audio tours? 


drawing f a line of trees