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What do we notice about living things?

Do you know what the four basic needs of life are?

Living things are everywhere and they all need FOOD, WATER, SHELTER and AIR to stay alive and grow!  

Let’s take a peek at how a plant grows and survives! 

Watch the story of Tiddalick The Frog and discover how water is important for all living things! 

Watch this video about Nature Journals. They are a great tool to use when spending time in the outdoors.  

Activities - What do we notice about living things?

1. Living things game 

Do you know which are living and which are non-living things? 

2. Word search

Complete the word search below to find the basic needs of living things. Look for the words AIR, WATER, SHELTER, NUTRIENTS.

You probably found a new word.....Nutrients. What is another word for this?

3. Nature journalling

Create a Living Things Nature Journal and use this to record all your observations, pictures and findings about living things. Your journal can be any notebook. You might like to decorate it! 

In your journal.... 

1. Think about today and draw a picture of; 

  • something you had to drink  
  • something you ate  
  • some shelter you had where you were safe and warm 

2. Record what your favourite animal likes to eat and drink and how it shelters and stays safe and warm.