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Scientist Biographies

 Plants are a crucial source of food, medicine and materials, as well as oxygen. Our plant scientists (botanists) at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and the Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan, study plants to better understand their biology, genetics, chemistry, diseases and ecology to help us adapt to climate change, improve global health and protect biodiversity.



  1. In groups, research one staff member each. Read their biography and listen to their podcasts.

  2. Choose someone to become the scientist and someone else to interview him or her.

  3. Follow the questions on the right or find new questions.

  4. Present your interview and answer session to the class in the style of a Current Affairs item on the evening news or a Saturday morning kids’ science show. 

Possible Interview Questions

  • What is their job title? 

  • What are they currently working on? 

  • What inspired them to get involved in the work they do?

  • How often do they work ‘in the field’? 

  • What are some of the other interesting facts about them or their work that you have found?