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Going on a Bug Hunt

We're going to catch some amazing ones!

What you need:

  • Bug pots or other clear containers
  • An old white sheet
  • Insect and spider ID chart, book or app
  • A magnifyling glass


  • NEVER touch an animal unless an expert tells you it is safe to handle.
  • Use containers for all your collecting.

Let's go hunting!

Getting started

Find an outdoor space where you think small animals would like to live - in mulch under trees, on small logs and rocks, or amongst trees.

Use a small stick to turn over the mulch or leaves.

When you find an animal, gently collect it. Use your bug-pot or container - NOT your hands.


Lay the sheet flat under a leafy bush. Give the branches a quick shake and see what animals fall onto the sheet!


Look closer. Learn more!

Use a magnifying glass to look closely at the animals you've collected.

What can you see? Look at the body parts, colours and textures. Draw or writre down what you see.

Use your ID chart, book or app to find out what the animal is called.