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Produce and Implement

Phase three will see you apply a variety of skills and techniques to create your community awareness solution.

Creative and innovative community projects have challenged and inspired audiences around the world, building knowledge of the natural world and empowering global citizens to make sustainable decisions.

Now it’s time to push the boat out and get making…

Here’s some suggestions from Theatre and Puppetry Makers, Erth Visual & Physical Inc and Artist Guy Fredericks for your own School Exhibition or Community Awareness design!

Sculpt your own Codium fragile 

Sculpt a rockpool full of Codium seaweed branches that look and feel just like the real thing!
For more detail download instructions here. 

Materials and equipment you will need:
Loop sculpturing tool for cutting. 
Twine or string   
Newspaper or old tablecloth to protect work surface
Brush Latex (available from Art and Hobby stores)
A photograph of Codium fragile 
Green food dye  
Empty squeeze bottle with pointed nozzle

Instructions for making (allow approximately 30 minutes making time):
1. Cover your work surface with newspaper or an old tablecloth.
2. Using your loop sculpting tool and a photograph of Codium fragile for inspiration, carve your design into the surface of the clay. Make sure not to cut through the clay completely, as you will be using it as a mould to hold the latex!

3. Using the paintbrush dipped in water, smooth out the inside of your shape.
4. Pour the latex into the squeeze bottle. Add green food dye. Mix together.
5. Carefully pour the latex into the carved channels in the clay until level.

6. Place string over latex and use wire sculpting tool to gently push below the surface until string is completely covered. Allow some string to hang out past the base, which will help remove the sculpted latex from the clay when dry. Don’t cut the string so you can plan on hanging it later!
7. Leave the latex to dry overnight.
8. When the latex is completely dry, use the string to help gently release your Codium from the clay. Congratulations! You’ve made your very own Codium!



Make a Codium Message on a Bottle to show others how you pledge to help save Codium. Instructions can be found here.


Create paper mache animals in the intertidal zone

Get inspired by a sculptural artist who is passionate about plants, animals, sustainability and the natural world, and make your own ‘Inside the Tide’ creature!  

Guy Fredericks is a Sydney based artist living with disability, whose work was exhibited in the major exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens’ CALYX, Inside the Tide, 2021-22. In this online video workshop, students will meet Guy and learn about his creative process and inspiration. Then we will show you how to make your very own sculpture, based on his technique!  


Activities - Produce and Implement

1. Make a model

Make your own Codium fragile using the instructions above.

2. Research and create

Be inspired by Guy Frederickson and research and make your favourite paper mache rockpool creatures!