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Science of the Wollemi Pine

Discover the work of scientists at the Australian PlantBank, Mount Annan.

In collaboration with other science agencies the Botanic Gardens research aims are:  

  • To understand how the Wollemi Pine grows in the wild and in cultivation
  • To investigate its germination requirements and seedbanking potential 
  • To bank seeds in the PlantBank, for long term storage for conservation
  • Providing plants for display, interpretation and reintroduction 
  • Passing on lessons learned to the wider community 

Watch Dr Cathy Offord describe some of the early research in to the Wollemi Pine.

Explore the PlantBank in 360 degrees to discover more about the Wollemi Pine. 

Activities - Science of the Wollemi

1. Be a botanist

You have been tasked with overseeing the planting of trees in a new garden known as Gondwanaland. Download the Welcome to Gondwanaland activity sheet to start your planning.

2. Citizen science

Citizen science is when regular members of the general public can collect or analyse data to assist scientist in their research. Read more about how you can be a citizen scientist on the project - I Spy a Wollemi and complete this survey to help.