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Urban Wetlands

Located just minutes away from Sydney’s CBD, Centennial Parklands is home to the largest freshwater wetlands in inner-metropolitan Sydney.

Urban wetlands play an essential role in improving water quality and provide vital habitat for a wide range of plant and animal species in urban areas.  

Explore the features of our urban wetlands by conducting biological assessments of two different freshwater wetland environments: a stormwater fed pond and a spring water fed swamp. Discover our local to global connection through the story of the freshwater eel. 
Stage 4 Geography  
  • GE4-1 locates and describes the diverse features and characteristics of a range of places and environments 
  • GE4-2 describes processes and influences that form and transform places and environments 
  • GE4-3 explains how interactions and connections between people, places and environments result in change 
  • GE4-7 acquires and processes geographical information by selecting and using geographical tools for inquiry 
  • GE4-8 communicates geographical information using a variety of strategies 
  • Literacy 
  • Numeracy 
  • Information and Communication Technology 
  • Critical and Creative Thinking 
  • Personal and Social Capability 
  • Sustainability 


Wetlands and Indigenous Values,grounds%20and%20as%20boundary%20markers


Wetlands Birds 

Wetlands Animals 

Wetlands Plants,as%20water%20primrose%20and%20nardoo.&text=These%20are%20always%20or%20nearly,as%20ribbonweed%20and%20wavy%20marshwort

NSW Waterwatch 

The Convention on Wetlands 

Centennial Parklands Water Conservation 

Centennial Parklands History 

Centennial Parklands Managing Stormwater 

Centennial Parklands Geology and Landform 

Duck Pond 

Duck Pond 

Centennial Parklands History and Highlights of our Waterways 


Centennial Parklands How you can help our turtles 

Centennial Parklands Red-eared Slider Turtles 


Lachlan Swamp 

Centennial Parklands  Busy and the Bore 

Centennial Parklands A Water Source for Sydney 

Lily Pond 

Flying Foxes 


Local to Global Connections 

Centennial Parklands Environmental Management 

Centennial Parklands Environmental Policy 

Long-finned Eels 


Weirs and Fishways