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Terms and Conditions

Sydney Science Trail: Education 2023 Bookings and Payment Terms & Conditions 

The submission of a booking request form is a formal request for a Sydney Science Trail education booking with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (RBG) and the Australian Museum (AM) for the date/s specified.  

The receiving of a booking confirmation document by email constitutes an agreement that your excursion is booked and confirmed and subject to our cancellation policy.  

You will be invoiced based on final numbers provided by COB 1 August 2023. If you do not wish to proceed with your booking, or if you need to make changes to your attending numbers, notification must be made in writing to by COB 1 August 2023.  

Minimum charges per booked group apply. 

All invoices will be issued in week of 1 August 2023. Payment options will be included on the invoice, including credit card options. American Express, cash and cheque payments are not accepted under any circumstances. 

Once issued, invoices are final with payment terms of 30 days. 

Refunds, Cancellations and Booking Changes  

RBG & AM reserves the right to cancel or modify any event in case of extreme weather or changes to NSW Government public health advice. In this instance, participants will be notified by email as soon as practicable.  

 a. Wet Weather  

All booked programs will go ahead in wet weather, unless it is an extreme weather condition.  

 b. School Bookings  

All cancellation requests must be made in writing to by COB 1 August 2023. Date and session changes are at the discretion of the RBG & AM.  

Invoices are final, as such: 

i. Any reduced attendance for booked groups on the day will be subject to payment of the invoiced amount. 

ii. Cancellations made after 1 August 2023 will be subject to payment of the invoiced amount.

iii. ‘No shows’ on the day will be subject to payment of the invoiced amount. 

c. Extreme Weather  

Despite other clauses, if an extreme weather condition under the Extreme Weather and Cancellation Policy occurs,

For avoidance of doubt, the participating group may not cancel or modify the event without RBG’s approval. 

i. RBG & AM may in accordance with the Policy:  

a. cancel or modify the event without incurring any liability to the participating group, subject to paragraph (v);  

ii. the participating group shall notify RBG, as soon as practicable, if it considers that the event needs to be cancelled or modified due to any health conditions of any participants affected by or in relation to any extreme weather condition.  

iii. the notice issued under paragraph (i) and (ii) needs to include:  

a. the nature of the extreme weather condition;  

b. to the extent assessable, the expected duration of the extreme weather condition;  

c. the event affected by the extreme weather condition and the extent to which the event needs to be modified or cancelled.  

iv. the participating group is responsible for its participants’ health, wellbeing and safety. The participating group will identify any of its participants who have a health condition that would be adversely affected by any weather condition, and withdraw some or all of its participants from the event, subject to RBG & AM’s approval.  

v. If an event is cancelled due to an extreme weather condition, RBG will refund any payments made by the participating group to RBG, deducting any administration fee or any other non-refundable costs incurred in relation to the event.