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Art In Situ - The Calyx - Stages 2 & 3

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Inspired by the amazing nature-based art of Andy Goldsworthy and the vertical plant wall exhibition in The Calyx, students will collaboratively create their own art in-situ using natural materials they find in the Garden. They will also learn to photograph their work to be printed and taken home. Supports Stage 2-3 NSW Visual Arts Syllabus


Stages 2 & 3


Learning Centre
The Royal Botanic Garden
Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney


2 hours


$13 per student. Minimum charges apply

Excursion key themes

  • People’s connections with nature
  • Art-making
  • Patterns, textures and symmetry in nature

Students will…

  • Collect natural found materials
  • Create collaborative in-situ artworks using natural materials
  • Document their artwork by photographing on an iPad
  • Print their photo on A4 card or glossy paper

Wilde Creatures: Creative Learning

From July 4 to July 5 you can combine this program with a visit to the Sydney Opera House performance of Wilde Creatures: Creative Learning. Find out more here 

Stage 2 Visual Arts

Represents the qualities of experiences and things that are interesting or beautiful by choosing among aspects of subject matter
Uses the forms to suggest the qualities of subject matter

Stage 3 Visual Arts

Investigates subject matter in an attempt to represent likenesses of things in the world
Makes artworks for different audiences, assembling materials in a variety of ways

We would like to acknowledge the Cadigal people of the Eora Nation within Sydney and pay our respect to Elders past, present and future.