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Hollow Heroes - Stages 2 & 3

For over 340 Australian Native Animals a Hollow is a Home. Presented by Abbie Mitchell, the author of A Hollow is a Home, this workshop provides an understanding of how an ecosystem works as it explores the roles, adaptations & needs of an eclectic group of mammals, birds, reptiles & frogs, united in their dependence on a tree hollow. Aligned to meet NSW Science and Geography syllabus for Stage 2 or 3.

This excursion features a vibrant presentation and fun activities, stimulates curiosity and reinforces
essential environmental themes appropriate for each stage. Students get hands-on building a nest box for specific hollow dependent species and explore the Royal Botanic Garden for tree hollows and evidence of animals - supports Stage 2 or 3 NSW 3-6 Science and Technology, and Geography syllabus.

Watch presenter Abbie Mitchell discuss her book A Hollow is a Home on CBA Curious Creatures, Wild Minds at Taronga by clicking here.

Abbie’s Children’s Book Council Shortlisted book, A Hollow is a Home is an excellent supporting resource for pre and post learning to this workshop. If you wish to purchase a copy for your school please click here.


Stage 2 & 3 Geography and Science & Technology


The Calyx


2 hours


Click here. Minimum charges apply. Discounts apply for full day programs!

About 'Hollow Heroes'

Students Will
  • Participate in an interactive presentation about Australian animals that require tree hollows
  • Collaboratively build a range of nest boxes for different species – one to take back to school with you per class
  • Observe a fascinating display of items including hollows, and animal evidence (scats, tracks and traces)
  • Explore the Gardens looking for tree hollows and evidence of animals
Focus Content
  • Growth and survival of living things (diversity, needs, behaviour, interdependence and life cycles)
  • Adaptations of living things (structural and behavioural features)
  • How sustainably managing environments benefit all living things
Focus Syllabus Outcomes


  • Places are similar and different (GE2 – 1,2,3)
  • The Earth’s environment (GE2 – 1,2,3)
  • Factors that shape places (GE3 – 1,2,3)

Science & Technology

  • Living world (ST2-4LW-S, ST2- 2DP-T)
  • Material world (ST2-2DP-T)
  • Living world (ST3-2DP-T, ST3-4LW-S)
  • Material world (ST3-2DP-T)

Please note this is a special program run by Kids Connecting Nature and has a different format to other Royal Botanic Garden excursion programs. For each 2 hour booking you will receive approximately 1.5 hours of face-to-face presentation and workshop, and given approximately 30 minutes for a self-guided walk of the nearby gardens to look for tree hollows and evidence of animals. A map and activity resources will be provided for this part of the excursion.

Minimum number of classes per booking: 2
Maximum number of classes per 2 hour session: 2
Sessions can be run back to back if you require more than 2 classes per day.

We would like to acknowledge the Cadigal people of the Eora Nation within Sydney and pay our respect to Elders past, present and future.