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Project Codium STEM Day

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Step 1 - Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in our school excursions at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Full day special offer: Book your group into two lessons in the one day to receive big discounts! *To view rates see here. **Terms and Conditions apply.

The submission of this form is a formal request for a booking on the dates and times specified, subject to availability.

If you do not wish to make a booking please send your queries to programs.info@bgcp.nsw.gov.au

Codium fragile needs our help!

Codium fragile is a unique, native, branching form of seaweed, which is commonly known as Dead Mans Fingers!

Found along the Greater Sydney Coastlines, Codium fragile is extraordinary in its ability to produce oxygen and is an amazing ocean cleaner, absorbing nutrients and heavy metals helping our oceans stay healthy. Codium is an important part of the intertidal zone, where the ocean meets the land. It provides habitat for many different sea animals and is an integral part of the ocean food web.

How might we build community awareness to protect Codium fragile and its rockpool environment? 

In partnership with Erth  and the Australian Institue of Botanical Science, Stage 2 and Stage 3 students will
  • be immersed in a Design Thinking approach 
  • participate in a scientific investigation, led by a Australian Institute of Botanical Science Scientist, building knowledge on adaptations, interdependence and classification
  • learn from a First Nations elder, developing an understanding of the traditional conservation practices of the coastal environment
  • bring science and art together as a science communication tool. Students will make a Codium speciman for installation in the Under the Sea exhibition at the Calyx. This workshop will be facilliated by Erth, who combine design, content and experience to deliver science communication in unique and highly engaging ways.

Project Codium is an authentic STEM initiative created by the Australian Institute of Botanical Science in collaboration with Erth

What students get

  • An introduction to the challenge of ocean sustainability and the importance of species such as Codium fragile in maintaining healthy coastal environments
  • First Nations knowledge and skills with an elder
  • Learning from real scientists and industry experts in the field
  • Immersion in the Design Thinking approach to research, plan and produce Codium fragile as a science communication tool to be displayed in our next exhibition at The Calyx called 'Under the Sea'

For teachers:

  • Project Codium STEM excursion days will immerse your students in a real world understanding of stage 2 and 3 Science and Technology syllabus and STEM solutions
  • The excursion will begin at 10am and finish at 2pm. For booking purposes this will only be charged at the standard 2 hour program rate!
  • The excursion day is available on the following days:
    • Tuesday 20 July
    • Wednesday 4 August
    • Friday 3 September
    • Tuesday 12 October
This program is supported by “Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian
Government initiative”