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Sydney Science Trail Primary Programs

Your ticket to Sydney Science Trail: Education gives your students a full day of STEAM programs - one science show, access to the Sydney Science Trail Expo, and one hands-on workshop or panel discussion.

Click here to download the full program.

There are three days to choose from and each group available offers something a little different. Please read the group you select carefully. There are three dates available to be booked below:

Program Details


Food Science Show presented by Fizzics Education
Specially designed for National Science Week 2021, this fun science show from Fizzics Education makes food science visible and fun! Students will learn about molecular gastronomy and how it is used in food design, how much energy is in food and how it is release, food preservation and how to understand nutrients and healthy choices when it comes to food. 

Plants & Fire show presented by Royal Botanic Garden 
This show will explore why fire is essential for some plants, and harmful for others. We'll also explore how fire management techniques have shaped the Australian bush, and how we can learn from our First Nations people in preventing major fire events and caring for our natural environment. 

Science Show presented by Science Space Wollongong
Bubble, Pop & Smash! Get your lab coats on for an adventure through the wonderful world of liquids, mixtures and changes of state! We will learn why bubbles are so stretchy, what really happens when liquids boil, and why the Sydney Harbour Bridge shrinks on a cold day - plus some explosive experiments with liquid nitrogen. 


Bee Hotel presented by Kids Connecting Nature
The Sydney area hosts over 200 amazing native bee species, vital for pollination and ecosystem function. Learn about these amazing pollinators in this engaging presentation and get hands-on in a workshop creating your own bee-hotels for your school. ​

Bush Foods presented by The Royal Botanic Garden
Recent years have seen Australian native foods increase in popularity. In this workshop students will explore different types of plants used and eaten by Aboriginal people including their methods of collection and processing on a tour of the Cadi garden. Students will prepare a simple bush food recipe and have the opportunity to taste a variety of other recipes with bush food ingredients. 

Climate Change presented by the Australian Museum
What does a change in temperature or rainfall mean for our native animals? How does the impact of climate change affect our animals and impact their food chain? How can we learn from First Nations sustainable practices to improve land management and better care for our animals? During this session students will learn about the effects of climate change on Australian animals, explore First Nations sustainable practices, and create a podcast to share their ideas and possible solutions.   

Forensic Science presented by UTS
Who Did It? Calling all junior detectives! Solve a case and get a real taste of Crime Scene Investigation. Learn forensic techniques used by forensic scientists to collect fingerprints, analyse a crime scene, and examine blood splatters.  

Spud-tastic Potato Power presented by Children’s Discovery
Join us in investigating the potential to generate electrical energy using two types of metal and a fruity intermediate. Design and conduct a series of experiments to help us understand the nature of this unique renewable energy source - but will it be enough to power your home? Explore, discover and take home your own spud-powered digital clock! 


The Sydney Science Trail Expo

Are you ready to be dazzled by ground-breaking discoveries, immersed in the latest technologies and interacting with real-life scientists for STEAM-based experiments and games? Join us for the Sydney Science Trail Expo, where you can meet our diverse line-up of scientists, research organisations and university teams in one location as we celebrate all things science - and beyond. Uncertain about career options? Perhaps you’re more curious about what the future of science will bring. Learning has never been this much fun! Bring your questions and your imagination, and prepare to be amazed.  

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